Wayne Cardinalli

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Wayne Cardinalli in his studioA very minor accident sent me off on an exciting tangent. I closed my finger in a car door, the nail turned black and I could not throw on the potter’s wheel till it healed. What could I do in the meantime?

I’ve owned several wooden Indonesian fabric stamps for well over a decade, but never used them. They were so beautiful and complete it seemed there was nothing for me to add. I experimented by stamping clay slabs, overlapping and distorting the images, then adding more texture with stamps I had made. With this a whole new vocabulary began to emerge. At first I made slab trays and dishes. When my fingernail got better I was able to combine these textured slabs with coils and thrown elements. These are the vessels that grew out of this process. They are still pots but sculptural content, not function, is the prime intent. I think of it as “the black nail project”.