Sarah Link & James Woodbeck – Reliquaries for the Vulnerable

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May 3-26, 2013
Opening reception Friday, May 3, 7-9:30 pm.

LInk & Woodbeck invitation

Sarah Link was born in the United States and immigrated to Canada in 1967. She studied ceramics and received a Bachelor of Arts at the University of California, Berkley. She also received her Master of Arts at Stanford University in 1966. Throughout the years, Sarah has won multiple awards. “Understanding form and the complex relationship between surface and form has been my focus in finding my voice with clay. I first collaborated with James Woodbeck on casseroles and covered jars for daily use. Inspired by ancient Chinese bronze ceremonial vessels, I have moved in a new direction creating formal footed urns with a manganese crystalline glaze, to be considered as repositories for ‘the great emptiness’, guarded by the creatures perched on the lids.”

James Woodbeck studied drawing, painting, and sculpture with a focus on ceramic sculpture at Lakehead University, receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree. During his final year, James won four awards at the annual student exhibition including the People’s Choice Award at the Thunder Bay Art Gallery. James was the ceramics technician as an undergraduate in the visual arts program and continued being the technician in the ceramics studio until 2008. “I’ve always had a great interest in myth and legend and the beings that look out at us from our ancient imagination. Canoptic jars, ritual vessels, animal fetishes, etc. all speak to aspects of our human nature, boiled down and exaggerated in the telling. Creatures of myth often represent our nobility, strength, compassion and even our more uncomfortable traits such as maliciousness and cruelty. I try to imbue the figures with a sense that there is a deeper story behind their visage, that they hide some mystery and invite you to solve and create that story.”

Sarah Link is the creator of the vessels and James Woodbeck creates the embellished handles.

Sarah Link is a member of the Carnegie Gallery.