Robert Diemert

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Wood is a seductive material. Its allure muted in rough-cut form, even simple hand tools suffice to reveal the individual nuances of colour, the variability of wood grain and figure, and a range of subtle visual and physical differences in density and texture within one tree species or many. Even after thirty-five years I am still entranced by the inherent beauty of wood and its transmutability with the simplest of tools. Grounded always by an interest in creating functional forms, my work methodology has evolved from the simple to the complex and back again to a renewed interest in less complex forms and the use of local solid woods. One might consider this to be my self-indulgent phase. Spurred not by need or commerce but rather a desire to create furniture of my own design, I have also returned to using mostly hand tools. Power machinery encourages speed, hand tools encourage a slower meditative process and facilitate the creation of an organic connection between maker and wood.