Michaela Sagatova – Birds of Dundas Valley

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A Photographic Treasury

May 4-27, 2012
Opening reception Friday May 4, 7-9:30pm

Michaela Sagatova invitation frontBird photography is a very challenging yet rewarding art, demanding stubborn patience, skill, and an innate eye for composition. A birding hotspot, the Dundas Valley is home to or on the migration route of many bird species, providing local photographer Michaela Sagatova wonderful shooting opportunities. Peering down her long lens she aims to tell a story, to capture a moment, a feeling – and in doing so gives viewers an intimate glimpse into the secret life of one of nature’s loveliest creatures. It may be the blue jewel of our treetops, an Indigo Bunting male, belting out a love song, or Great Crested Flycatcher parents-to-be collecting nesting material or perhaps a Great Horned Owl on a night hunt. Exploring the Valley and trodding off the beaten path, Michaela has captured many such stories and invites you to come enjoy selected work from her Birds of Dundas Valley series