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Lucy Erskine holds one of fifteen rings commissioned '08The beautiful brilliance of sterling silver and the warm glow of gold, with gemstones, have been my inspiration for creativity.  My designs realized in those materials have been almost all ‘one-of-a-kind’.  Over thirty five years that is a lot of original output!  Often I’ve thought I might elaborate on a design, but then another idea strikes and I have moved on.

Each piece is worked on individually, built up from wire and sheet, through bending, filing, soldering, finishing and many other processes, but never cast in molds in multiples as commercial jewellery is.  It’s a beautiful art and not wanting “fabrication technique” to die out, I began teaching in recent years. I’m self-taught so have learned the hard way. I’ve developed a course which gives beginners a thorough grounding in understanding metals and techniques and moves advanced students onto setting stones in wonderful sterling soldered pieces.  I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching youngsters other jewellery techniques for many years too.

I have held close the knowledge of how lucky I am to have found the medium that was a perfect expression for me.  Quality in the details behind a simple elegance of design is what I strive for. I love this profession of designing jewellery art and meticulously creating it by hand.

I’m honoured that my work has been chosen to exhibit in Ontario Public Galleries including London, Art Gallery of Hamilton, and Centennial in Oakville.  Many meaningful custom pieces have gone to individuals as well as corporate gifts and groups.  They have gone around the world, notably when given as souvenirs to the winners of the Skate Canada international event one year.

As with most artists, time and finances have imposed their limitations but finding people who respond to and appreciate the effort that  has gone into my pieces and who cherish them is a reward beyond any of that.  This art has enriched my life immeasurably.  Creating is my passion.

There are still so many techniques and concepts I want to try and I never seem to run out of designs. Recently I have rediscovered different types of metals.  ERSKINE’S Fine Jewellery now encompasses FUN jewellery too.  Non precious metals and many colours have added a joyful element to the displays of my work

I hope you enjoy my collection at the Carnegie Gallery and continue to come back to see what new ideas have struck me!

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