Lee Jung-Do

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Jung-Do LeeBorn in 1953, Lee Jung-Do is a potter who has focused primarily on reviving the beauty of stamped Buncheong ware in the modern manner over the past 35 years. Of the various modeling qualities of Buncheong, Lee selects the simplicity of its form as the main factor of his work, infusing the delicacy of naturally stamped design and white slip inlaid pattern with a modern flair. He also exuberantly expresses the natural beauty of color and texture by means of revealing the white slip surface. Rather than trying to engender any beauty artificially or intentionally, he inspires sympathy of all with the simple and rustic beauty of his pottery blended with modern techniques.

Lee Jung-Do resides in Burlington, Ontario, Canada

International Workshops: University of Hawaii at Manoa in 2006; Indiana State University in 2009

Main Public Collections: International Arts & Artists Center, Washington DC, USA; Honolulu Academy of Arts Gallery, Hawaii USA; Sungkyunkwan University Museum, Seoul, Korea; Joseon Royal Kiln Museum, Kwangju, Korea; Sevres National Museum of Ceramics, France; Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Canada; Hongik University Contemporary Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea; Musee Royal De Marimont, Belgium; British Museum, London, UK; Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK; plus others.

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