Kelly Lowe

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Glass artist Kelly Lowe at work in front of the glass kiln.Based out of Hamilton Ontario, Kelly Lowe has risen to become one of the region’s rising stars in the world of glass. If you watch award shows or if you’ve attended functions with custom built glass, chances are you’ve seen something designed or created by Kelly. Using her over twelve years of glass blowing experience Kelly brings together designs and techniques to make each piece unique, polished and ready to impress both customers, and in the case of gifts and awards, the recipient.

Kelly first met and fell in love with glass at Sheridan College, in their three year glass blowing program. It was there that she began experimenting with bringing the two dimensional world of her artistic focuses into the three dimensional world of glass. Working and experimenting in front of a furnace roughly 1/5 the surface temperature of the Sun, she learned that this avenue of art creation was where she was meant to be, and never looked back. From there she assisted and received mentoring from a number of different artists in the Hamilton area before striking out on her own with her own studio and workshop. From there, Kelly Lowe Glass was born.

Kelly’s passion for her chosen medium has never dimmed, and being in the hot shop pulling, blowing and sculpting glass remains her favourite times of the week. But she’s also learned how to work closely with customers: they often bring unique ideas to the table, or ideas which are important or personal to them that they’d like to see made a reality. Kelly prides herself on her clients’ happiness with the end result, and is very focused on ensuring that expectations are not only met, but exceeded.

The future for Kelly lies in continually challenging herself, bringing new ideas to her glass and her business, and striving to always ensure her customers are thrilled with her work. She’s aware that she’s one of the lucky ones who is able to earn her living in her chosen artistic profession, and remains grateful to everyone who has helped her to reach this point… and beyond.