Kai Eichenbaum

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Kai-EichenbaumIn 1997 I took a class at the Burlington Art Centre and loved playing with clay.
I found myself addicted to clay and joined the Burlington potters’ guild where I found new friends with similar interests and studio space to work.
Over the years I have taken workshops with different instructors learning new techniques to create my pots.
I regularly participate in two guild sales each year and also participated in several shows on my own:  Dundas Studio Tour, Fair November, Heart of Muskoka and RBG Christmas Show.
I primarily make functional ware using slab techniques. I make my own clay stamps after doodling images on paper.  Various designs are carved into the clay as it hardens and then the stamps are bisque-fired prior to use.  To create background impressions I use various things like: leaves, burlap, bamboo mats, etc. and then impress my bisque stamps to accentuate the piece.  Templates enable me to make consistent sizes, yet each piece is unique as I impress, stamp and shape it.
2011 found me looking for something different and I was accepted into the Hamilton Guild Raku mentorship lead by Catherine Weir.  This was my first try at sculptural work and at the end of the mentorship we had a group exhibition at the Carnegie Gallery.
Having access to a gas kiln I am now creating functional ware using both a light and dark stoneware clay.
In the last year I have been “building houses” and love the finish achieved through wood-firing.  The wood-firing process is a very hands-on and physically tiring process, and produces beautiful unique results.
Almost twenty years later I am still addicted to clay!

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