Joyce Honsberger

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Joyce was born near Smithville, Ontario. She graduated from the Ontario College of Art in 1985. She became a member of the Sculptors Society of Canada in 1987, and a member of the Society of Canadian Artists in 1996. In 1989 she represented Canada for the S.S.C. at the International Pulp/ Paper Symposium in Harnosand, Sweden, and in 1990 she participated in a sculpture workshop and exhibition in Mexico City. She has given numerous other workshops and has founded two art galleries. The present one, “Arts Place Gallery,” a collective, is located in Port Colborne, ON. She is also a partner in the Jordan Art Gallery in Jordan, ON. Her work can be found in public and commercial galleries, and in corporate and private collections. Since 1984, she has had 17 solo exhibitions, and has participated in over ninety exhibitions in Canada, the USA, Europe, Mexico, Japan and Australia.

“The challenge for me is to create work that will spark the psyche, let the spirit breathe, sing and celebrate by experiencing great space, time, and liberation.

“In exploring life and spirit, I am fascinated by the potential dynamics of space, the creative expressiveness of colour and the suggestions of rhythm in time. They are part of the dance within me and without. In my work, the harmonies and balance I try to achieve need to be a part of ‘this dance’ to complete their orchestration. Hopefully, they echo the beauty, wonder, and mystery of our common and not so common experience.