Janusz Wrobel

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photographer Janusz Wrobel white water canoeingBorn in Poland, Janusz Wrobel spent his early years immersed in academic studies in photography. Early in his career while still in his native Poland, his conceptual installations were exhibited nationally and internationally. Since arriving in Canada almost three decades ago, he established a successful career in commercial studio photography and image processing. He also developed a strong affection for adventure travel into the heart of the Canadian wilderness.

After moving to Dundas Ontario in 2005, Janusz worked solely in the field of fine art photography, where all his previous experiences came together. He works only with deeply familiar subject matter. A dominant theme in his work is the razor thin layer of nature that is spread over the expanse of the Great Canadian Shield. For Janusz, the Shield is a timeless Petri dish, where he records encounters between the living world and the inert. That is where he explores scale and relativity of time, focusing on small spaces to find a reflection of the universe. His large-scale works confront viewers with the complex connections they share with larger patterns of existence.

His work is represented in private and corporate collections, in Canada, Poland, Great Britain, Germany, Japan, and the USA.