Janusz Wrobel – Ebb & Flow

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Fine Art Photography

May 3-26, 2013
Opening reception Friday, May 3, 7-9:30 pm.

Janusz Wrobel exhibition invitationThe Carnegie Gallery presents the work of Canadian photographer Janusz Wrobel, in his newest exhibition, “Ebb and Flow,” a collection of images that documents the power of water: a momentum that both transforms the landscape and resonates in the way we understand our relationship with the natural world, and with the grand and the minute.

Water is vital to all forms of life. It is subject to the cyclical changes of the seasons and also to human intervention. As people gather at shorelines, build cities on the banks of major waterways and use tributaries to move from place to place, water evokes feelings of both expanse and ingenuity. In “Ebb and Flow,” it functions as a canvas for illuminating biological and physical interactions. Refractions of light, and the dictates of time and topography, are captured and suspended in Wrobel’s intricately patterned, large-scaled photographs.

As a professional photographer, Janusz Wrobel has spent decades exploring landscapes and the evolutionary processes that build these environments. His trips have taken him from the Great Lakes to James Bay, covering locations that are only accessible by canoe or bush plane. He crafts compositions that uncover the precise details amongst the vastness of the Canadian wilderness. His work is represented in private and corporate collections in Canada, Poland, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and the United States. Some of his images can be found online at www.januszwrobel.com

Janusz Wrobel is a resident of Dundas and an artist member of the Carnegie Gallery.

Janusz Wrobel exhibition view, Carnegie Gallery, 2013

Janusz Wrobel “Ebb and Flow” exhibition view

Janusz Wrobel exhibition view #4