Gillian Song

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Gillian Song is a Burlington artist who works in painting and printmaking. She grew up in Wales and trained as a nurse in London, England. Although she has always had a lively interest in art, Gillian did not start painting seriously until after attending a summer art school in Northern Ontario.

Gillian studied at at Sault College of Fine Arts and with many different teachers at Dundas Valley School of Art. Her subjects are taken from her garden, her life and happenings in the world in general.

“For years I have enjoyed many different modes of expression in a variety of media– watercolours, acrylics, pastels, woodcuts, monoprints and etchings. The subjects are often things I love- people, places and objects. Whatever the subject they tend to be allegorical in nature.

“When I am creating, I frequently have more than one subject on the go; one projects seems to strike a note that stimulates another disparate thought. Presently, all aspects of my life as an artist seem to have happily converged into making collages with the excitement of colour and the juxtaposition of images that sometimes tell a story or, hopefully, trigger another’s imagination.”