Dan Welsby

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Dan Welsby

In 1991 I decided to build a wood lathe as a metal project. I thought that when completed my sons would enjoy turning. They did some, but it was the Dad that got hooked. There is a great satisfaction in cutting into a rough piece of wood to reveal the beautiful colours and grain underneath.

I am self taught, with the help of books, videos and a lot of trial and error. As a member of The Golden Horseshoe Turners Guild and the American Association of Wood turners I have had the opportunity to see demonstrations by many of the top turners in the world.

Most of my work is rough turned from wet freshly cut logs and then dried for several months before the finish turning. I use mostly locally grown timber which I get from tree surgeons, friends and keeping a watchful eye in my daily travels.

I create bowls, natural edged pieces, platters, vases, lidded containers and urns. When a unique piece of wood appears I am inspired to produce a one-of-a-kind artistic piece.

I feel I am very fortunate to have a shop at my home where I enjoy turning at my leisure.