Christel Wille

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Christel WilleChristel Wille has been making things her entire life. Growing up in post-war Berlin, Wille learned to see the possibilities in any material and to make use of everything around her.

Never one to follow the crowd, Wille was the first woman to be awarded a metal-working apprenticeship at a small Berlin firm, where she earned her Journeyman Certificate as a coppersmith.

After moving to Canada in 1960, Wille dabbled in enamelwork and embroidery while raising her family. In 1975, she began taking tapestry-weaving classes at the Ontario College of Art with William Hodge, a decision that launched a 30-year exploration of fibre art. Wille received her Master Weaver’s certificate in 1990, but her experience is not limit to weaving – the artist has created wallhangings, clothing, accessories, boxes, tassels and hats that incorporate weaving, embroidery, screen-printing, and other techniques, including hand-dying. In 2006, she added glass to the mix after installing a lamp-working studio in her home, and now creates colourful beads as well as miniature flora and fauna in glass.