Our Mandate

The mandate of the Dundas Art and Craft Association is to promote and encourage the appreciation and production of Canadian art and artists, especially from our region, in both the visual arts and crafts-oriented arts.

More specifically, our objectives are:
– To promote the work of serious artists and craftspeople. To provide an educational resource for both members and the community at large.
– To contribute to the vitality and development of Dundas as an Arts centre.
– To provide opportunity and exposure, especially for artists and craftspeople who have yet to achieve the full potential of their careers.
– To provide a forum where artists and craftspeople may dialogue and share knowledge or experience.
– To provide the community with access to art exhibitions of excellent quality.
– To raise the critical appreciation of craft media to the level enjoyed by the Fine Arts.

Major activities of the Dundas Art and Craft Association include:
– Operation of The Carnegie Gallery as an institution through which we can fulfill our mandate and objectives.
– Organization and presentation of 12 major exhibitions and up to 12 mini exhibitions each year, at the Carnegie Gallery.
– Organize forums and events which are educational and stimulating to artists and the community at large.
– Organize cooperative projects with other community organizations.
– Organize fundraising activities which are culturally oriented and consistent with our mandate and objectives.